• Up to 20 simultaneous sessions against remote SmartLogger, SmartTranslator, SmartNotification and SmartOPC applications.
  • View application system messages.
  • Misc. system information about remote server, like operating system and amount of RAM.
  • Advanced data handling features for all received events and messages, like grouping, printed reports, export of data to Text/Excel/HTML/XML.
  • Copy-to-clipboard possibility for all incoming data.
  • SmartLogger supervision of all ports and modules.
  • SmartLogger remote control of: Start/Stop ports, reset statistics and acknowledge of warnings.
  • Subscription to SmartLogger events.
  • View SmartLogger notification messages.
  • SmartTranslator supervision of: Translation status/mode and pending translation list.
  • SmartTranslator remote control of: Manual start/stop of translation.
  • View SmartTranslator statistics log.
  • View SmartNotification module status.
  • View SmartNotification input/output log.
  • View SmartNotification supervision alarm history.
  • View SmartOPC module status.
  • View OPC events collected by SmartOPC.
  • Standard MDI environment with recent session list, active window list and window arrangement modes.
  • Detailed communication trace possibility for tracking down errors in the communication to the remote server.
  • On-line User's Guide (PDF format)


  • Mail notifications via mail (SMTP) server.
  • SMS notifications via GSM modem.
  • EXE notifications.
  • Print Server simulation for easy trigger of notifications from remote applications.
  • System message log.
  • Utility Server for remote status.
  • Support for I/O data sources.
  • Support for SmartLogger data sources.
  • Support for redundant modem configurations.
  • Windows Address Book interface for maintenance of users and groups.
  • Detailed communication trace possibility for tracking down errors in the communication to modems.
  • On-line User's Guide (PDF format)