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  • Graphical interface for SQL based queries.
  • Query any field in a table.
  • Supports logic expressions like 'greater than', 'less than', 'equals' etc. for number fields.
  • Supports wildcards and case sensitivity for character fields.
  • Save/Load the defined queries.

Time View

  • Only show records that fall within a specified "time window".

Find Record

  • Locate specific information in any field you specify.
  • Supports single/multiple character wildcards and case sensitivity.
  • Supports different "locate modes" like 'starts with', 'substring', 'whole word' etc..

Print Report

  • Customize and print reports.
  • Customize data font, header/footer, alignment, field order, fields included etc. to make the report look exactly like you want it.
  • Define your own print styles.
  • Preview the report before printing. The preview adapts to any customization you have made.


Table Export

  • Export records to a text file in the format you specify.
  • Export records to HTML, XML or MS Excel file format.
  • Export selected records to a Text, HTML, XML or MS Excel file with a single mouse click.

Table Merge

  • Merge several tables into one table for subsequent analysis.


  • Group records by simple drag and drop.
  • Expand or collapse all nodes by a simple click with the mouse.

Analyze Tools - Time analysis

  • Calculate the number of specific events with the frequency analysis.
  • Calculate motor running times, valve closing time and much more with the time analysis.
  • Fully customizeable time scope for the analysis.
  • Print reports with the time analysis results.
  • Easy configuration allows unlimited number of objects in each time analysis.
  • Drag and drop analyse objects directly from your table to the analysis configuration.

Analyze Tools - Alarm Rate

Used to give an overview of the overall alarm rate compared to the EEMUA recommendation of 1 alarm per 10 minutes under normal conditions.
The analysis can furthermore be used for:
  • Event rate analysis.
  • Alarm peek detection.
  • Alarm rate analysis for specific process areas or process units.

Analyze Tools - Alarm Priority Distribution

Used to benchmark or verify the alarm distribution for the available priority levels.
The analysis can furthermore be used for:
  • Alarm distribution between plant sections.
  • Alarm distribution within specific modules or type circuits (by filtering on module and analysing on alarm type).

Analyze Tools - Alarm Frequency

Used to locate the top most alarms within any specified time period.
The analysis can furthermore be used for:
  • Alarm distribution in selected areas (process sections, event severities, event types etc.).

Analyze Tools - Operator Response Time

The operator response time is defined as the time from an alarm arises until the operator performs an acknowledgement. The Operator Response Time analysis measures the response times for all alarms over a certain period of time.