Port configuration Notification Module Text file import
Online view Utility Server
Port status Watchdog interface  

Port configuration

  • Simple port setup dialog for all four ports concurrently.
  • Support for serial, TCP/IP and Telnet data sources.
  • Automatic log table change: Every day, week, month or year.
  • The composed logname identifies the port and the period for the stored events.

Online view

  • View the 'raw' text events as they arrive on the port - before any convertion to database
  • Supports standard text features like copy to clipboard, print, dump to disk, find ect.

Port status

  • Shows general status and statistics for each port.

Notification Module (Add-on)

  • Remote notification on specific events. Supported notification types: e-mail, SMS via e-mail and SMS via GSM.
  • Easy maintenance of people and groups using the standard Windows Address Book interface.

Utility Server

  • Data server module for local/remote data subscription via TCP/IP to status information, system messages and user defined data filters.
  • Customizeable data filters based on expressions.

Text file import

  • Import utility for convertion of text files to database tables.
  • Uses the same convertion technique as when collecting live data.
  • Can be used to convert old event logs generated by standard text based event loggers.
  • Several text files can be imported to one database table.

Watchdog interface

SLWatchdog1.gif SLWatchdog2.gif
  • A Watchdog interface combined with an I/O board delivers optimal security.
  • Interface separate signals per port, common signal or a pulse signal back to the automation system for optimal supervision.