SmartLogger 4.0 Main application that handles the basic event logging for up to 4 ports concurrently.
SmartClient 4.0 Client application for viewing and analysing log tables generated by the SmartLogger/SmartTranslator or any other application.
SmartNotification 1.2 Application for generating mail/SMS/EXE notifications. Can be used in connection with many different kind of data sources.
SmartTranslator 2.1 Application for translating text logs to database tables.
SmartStatus 2.2 Application for remote supervision and limited control of SmartLogger, SmartTranslator, SmartNotification and SmartOPC programs.

SmartLogger is an intelligent event logger that has been developed especially for replacement of event and alarm printers in the process industry, but can be used for many other purposes as well. It is designed to handle data from all kinds of text based data sources. Compared to other event loggers, the SmartLogger has the advantage that events are validated and stored in a database, which makes it a perfect foundation for subsequent analysis. In addition to this, the SmartLogger delivers a comprehensive set of tools for configuration, supervision and data analysis. Tools that saves engineering hours in complex configurations.

  • Compliant with most automation systems. Optimized for ABB Advant systems.
  • Replaces up to 4 A&E or report printers.
  • Supports serial, TCP/IP (raw), LPR and OPC based data sources.
  • Automatic log table change (daily, weekly, monthly etc.).
  • Unique event templates for event validation and database storage.
  • Supports Paradox 7, Oracle8 and MS SQL Server 2000/2005 databases.
  • Automatic print feature making it possible to print events to laser printers.
  • Notification Module add-on for notification via e-mail or cell phone (GSM/SMS).
  • Redundancy concepts with consolidation of events in remote SQL Server.
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SmartClient is used for viewing and analyzing data stored in tables created by the SmartLogger/SmartTranslator applications or ANY other application. It features a wide range of data treatment and analyzing tools, which makes it a perfect foundation for examination of event tables.

  • Supports Paradox 7, Oracle8 and MSSQL Server 2000/2005 databases.
  • Excellent data treatment features, like GUI based SQL queries/sort, time view, find record, grouping and much more.
  • Highly customizable printed reports.
  • Export data to standard file formats like Text, HTML, XML and MS Excel.
  • Support for Windows 2000 Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe XP.
  • Add-on: Analyze Tools for performing alarm management like Alarm Rate, Alarm Frequency, Alarm Priority Distribution and Operator Response Time analysis.
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SmartNotification is used for generating mail/SMS/EXE notifications. It supports many different kind of data sources and can therefore be used in most configurations. Examples:
- Central notification server for multiple SmartLogger installations.
- I/O to SMS converter via hardwired physical inputs.
- SMS/Mail generator for older Windows based systems via the print server interface.

  • Mail notifications. Requires access to SMTP mail server.
  • SMS notifications. Requires GSM modem attached. Nokia 22 recommended.
  • EXE notifications. Can be used for audible notifications.
  • Print server included. Printjobs send to this print server can be converted to notifications.
  • Supports I/O boards from National Instruments for hardwired inputs.
  • Supports redundant modems.
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SmartTranslator is used for manual/automatic conversion of text files to database tables. It can be set up to watch folders and convert the incoming text files following conversion rules specific for each file type.
SmartTranslator also uses the same converting and database storage principles as the SmartLogger, which means that SmartLogger templates can be reused.
All the generated database tables can be viewed using the SmartClient.


  • Manual/automatic translation of text files to SmartLogger tables.
  • Supports Paradox 7, Oracle8 and MS SQL Server 7/2000 databases.
  • Supports Stored Procedures for Oracle8 and MS SQL Server databases.
  • Support for notifications sent to the SmartNotification application.
  • System message log for logging all important information about the translation.
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SmartStatus is used for remote supervision and limited control of SmartLogger/SmartTranslator/SmartNotification/SmartOPC applications.


  • Up to 20 simultaneous sessions against remote SmartLogger, SmartTranslator and SmartNotification applications.
  • SmartLogger supervision and limited remote control.
  • SmartTranslator supervision and limited control.
  • SmartNotification supervision.
  • SmartOPC supervision.
  • Subscription to SmartLogger events.
  • Advanced data handling features for all received events and messages, like grouping and export of data to Text/Excel/HTML/XML.
  • Highly customizable printed reports.
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